Rescue is the most complex activity that exists. It’s not enough to be totally dedicated. It takes preparation, and the right suggestions or ideas to be followed are often needed to improve the daily practice. The act of saving an individual and helping them in their time of need is just as important as it is difficult: we’re not talking about saving and transporting inanimate objects, but rather human beings. People with whom we can empathise and for whom we’re performing an extraordinary service.

Why should you share your experience?

Because telling others about what you experienced and what can be done helps spread technical and scientific knowledge. The difference between a rescue done well and one done poorly often lies in the rescuer’s ability to access good information. RESCUE PRESS needs your help to break down this barrier, and to improve the assistance provided to people in need, by supporting other rescuers in carrying out their activities correctly.

You can become a RESCUE PRESS reporter and communicator at any time, and during any rescue. When shared properly through secure and authoritative channels, experiences have the power to change the way we prepare ourselves. RESCUE PRESS offers an extra support for disseminating knowledge, and you can play an important role.

If you share these values, have the right motivation, and want to put yourself to the test, submit your case reports and texts to our editorial staff: Become a RESCUEreporter! Fill out the fields below. We’ll contact you!

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When you send your article to Rescue Press, our staff will start the submission to our scientific peer reviewer, in single-blind mode. Papers will be evaluated and we can give you after 30 days a response. The scientific staff will also suggest to adopt a DOI for the article, if it satisfy the requirement indicated by the peer reviewer.