A transitional object for the children rescued in yellow and red code is now available in the ambulance of Lombardy Region. This is the core item of the SIEMS initiative in support of children rescued since 118.

A special gift for all Medical Response Vehicles in Lombardy, for children rescued in code-2 or code-3. This is the initiative of SIEMS, the Italian Society of Health Emergency, which these days is distributing 1500 teddy bears to the 118 Lombard power stations. The plush will become part of the equipment in helicopters and cars, ready to be delivered to children, and will constitute a sort of “transitional object” that the little ones can keep close to them in critical moments of emergency rescue.

The initiative, already successfully launched in Liguria, Basilicata, and Abruzzo and made possible by the support of the Rotary club Assago Milanofiori, Rotary club Milano Nord, Salvagenteitalia, and R4H – Rotarians4healtH, meets the need of the little ones that psychology has extensively studied. In the maximum moment of expression of anguish, the child needs a “holding” function, or rather to absorb the discomfort, which the mother usually takes on. But during the territorial health assistance intervention, the mother cannot always perform this function, for example, due to the severity of the pathology, or due to an unsafe area of intervention, or even due to the absence of the parents. This leads to the need to find something that “takes the place” of the maternal holding. The plush – psychologists say – represent the “transitional solution”. The teddy bears, named Beary, are packaged in individual bags, ready to be unwrapped and hugged by the little patients.

“We have been fighting for years – explains Mirko Damasco, President of Salvagenteitalia – for communication in critical situations in the pediatric age. For this reason, we immediately joined the project, and we will do everything to make it as widespread as possible. The relational aspect is part of the cure, and this is the new mentality that we must bring to every area. “

“In the first year of 61 in which the presidency of our Club is female – declares Riccardo Di Bari, Past President and head of this project in the Rotary Milano Nord – a project for children in difficulty could not leave our President Claudia Spriano indifferent, lawyer and mother of two. But all of our members really liked the project. We joined with enthusiasm and we are sure that if even one child can feel reassured in a difficult time, our goal will be achieved. ”   

” We learned about this wonderful initiative and we were immediately enthusiastic by deciding to support it: we thanks SIEMS for having started it. The positive testimonies coming from health professionals confirm its effectiveness towards young patients.”. These are the words of Luigi Valenti, president of the Rotary Club Assago Milanofiori.

“R4H – Rotarians4healtH has supported the project from its first phase, with the delivery of teddy bears in the first three regions.” To speak is Claudio Palerma, president of the association. “Now, in Lombardy, the interest of the University is added to the transitional value of the Beary bear, which has decided to activate a targeted observational clinical study: how R4H we will make ourselves available with our interactive tools for data collection and analysis “.


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