ROME – The first training on ‘Techniques for handling and stabilising traumatised patients’ was held at the Military Veterinary and Health School, in collaboration with NAEMT Italia and  companies specialising in the production of advanced rescue equipment. The event – accredited as a Continuing Medical Education (CME) training – was attended by more than 30 military and civilian health professionals. The lectures were held in the impressive auditorium, while the various practical simulation activities took place in the training areas of the SANIVET School. Among the latter, the participants had the opportunity to simulate the extrication of a wounded person from civilian and military vehicles (VTLM Lince), the handling of traumatised persons on equipment for immobilisation and transport, and the management of fractures of the limbs and pelvis.

It was an important moment of scientific updating and integration with civil health. Alice Carletti of Ferno Italia, at the end of the event, said ‘We are very proud to make our skills and materials available to the Army. The fact that the devices used for the occasion were designed and manufactured in Italy gives an idea of how advanced Italian military healthcare really is in the international context’.

The Commandant of the SANIVET School, Colonel Michele Tirico, emphasised that this event, which mirrors the integration and synergy of military health with civil health and industry, is a clear sign of a restart for the planning and conduct of increasingly complex training activities in the immediate future.

Moving a wounded soldier is of paramount importance in operational theatres. And doing so safely is one of the biggest challenges. The tactical scenario is in fact extremely complex, requiring particularly high-performance techniques and materials to guarantee the health and integrity of the soldiers. The SANIVET School has always been dedicated to advancing the techniques of handling and stabilising the traumatised patient. That’s why – together with the industry and NAEMT Italia – it has created the residential training on Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) guidelines, which are widely recognised in both civilian and military settings.

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