After the workshop on out-of-hospital birth, Rescue Press donated two Aegis Neonate Medical Wrap devices to the Maggiore Hospital Neonatology Dpt. in Parma. The device will allow the transport of mother and newborn, skin-to-skin, with perfect safety. Why did we choose this device?

Parma: The transport of newborns by ambulance has always been a critical moment in pre-hospital healthcare activities. Contact between baby and mother is essential for an emotional issue, warming the baby and reducing stress levels. Furthermore, adequate safety systems, such as dedicated belts for newborns, significantly reduce the risk of injury. Pediatric devices are often mandatory, but very few are designed to transport the newborn child.

Rescue Press’s donation for the Parma Children’s Hospital

The topic has been central to research and development, with many scientific associations involved. Today, more than 400 babies are born – in Italy – outside hospital walls. For this reason, the Rescue Press editorial team donated two AEGIS Neonate Medical Wrap devices from the American company Saplacor to the Maggiore Hospital in Parma.

From the hasty birth to the hospital: minutes to manage safely

“At the end of a course on the management of rushed births,” explains the newspaper’s director Mario Robusti, “we posed the problem of how to transport the newborn baby inside the ambulance. There are very few cases in which the neonatal patient has transport devices designed ad-hoc. Therefore, We have searched worldwide for the most suitable and easy-to-use devices. I thank Mary Chiesa, founder of Saplacor, for the brilliant idea and the speed with which she delivered the devices to us. It is a great honor for Rescue Press to donate them to the Maggiore Hospital in Parma.”

A real safety belt for newborns

The Aegis Neonate Medical Wrap is, in a nutshell, a garment that the mother can wear and inside that the newborn can also fit. In the case of transport, with a simple yellow strap, the garment becomes an authentic seat belt for the newborn, tested and certified according to automotive safety standards (crash-tested, also). The Aegis can allow mothers to move with their newborn while keeping their arms free. Contact between the newborn and the mother is – scientific data in hand – the best way to reduce stress and improve the hormonal conditions of both the newborn and the mother.

Where will the AEGIS device be used?

Healthcare professionals will use the device within the neonatal unit for intra-hospital transport. They will also test the device inside the emergency ambulances. Doctors will evaluate the SAPLACOR device for peripheral areas, where the staff is trained in managing out-of-hospital births (a situation increasingly common and easy to manage thanks to the training of doctors, nurses, and 118 volunteers).

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